What to Expect at a BBQ Restaurant

People enjoy various kinds of food and the things served in a BBQ restaurant top many of the lists. Most of these joints serve the same types of food, but in special ways they cook it. Some are renowned for a specific cooking technique, like smokehouses, while others use special herbs or sauces. Knowing what to expect would be beneficial if you have never been to one of these restaurants.Learn more about us at David’s BBQ-Catering Gainesville

If diners prefer beef, chicken , pork, or jerky, the best restaurants are where they can find it. Jerky is meat that is cut into long , thin strips for those that are not familiar, and allowed to dry to avoid spoiling. Salt is normally applied during this curing process to avoid the growth of bacteria, giving the salty flavour of jerky. To provide additional flavour, the jerky can also be marinated in seasoned liquid or a spice rub. This ready-to – eat snack should be tried at least once by everyone.

Some restaurants offer mix platters, allowing diners to try a range of barbecue dishes. It can be quite a treat to have different sliced meat mixed in one sandwich. Smoked roast turkey, pulled pork, smoked sausage, and chopped beef brisket are common options. Smoked chicken salad is also served in some restaurants, which has a much heartier flavour than the standard edition. A starter, one or more side dishes, and a drink are used in other combination meals.

Speaking of sides, basically, these restaurants serve quite a number of them. Of the most common options, three are baked beans, cole slaw, and mashed potatoes. These are not the thin, wimpy fries served by fast food restaurants when French fries are preferred — they are thick and hearty, worthy of dipping in ketchup or barbecue sauce. These are also put on their sandwiches by some diners, mixing their meat and potatoes.

Pinto beans cooked in spicy seasoning and served with jalapeno peppers are just the ticket, if an extra kick is needed. After the fork, diners can reach for the water. Sweet yellow corn makes this zesty side a good compliment. The good old standby, macaroni and cheese, of course, is still there. In particular , children enjoy this comfort food and ask for a meal-sized portion often.

It would seem like there would be no room for dessert after all this feeding. Goodies like cobbler and pie are waiting for those who still have space in their stomachs. The best topping is a big scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream. Instead of absolutely passing on dessert, those who are full can choose take-home sweets such as cookies to share later in the day.

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