Some Insights about San Francisco Towing Service Association

But that is the worst of the potential circumstances, of course, which might cause you to call a towing company. We all did the key-in-the-ignition thing, where we groped frenziedly in hopes of realising that we left our collection of keys in a secret, hidden pocket that we didn’t know we had, and then peered in through the tightly sealed window to see them dangling inside locked doors. We refuse to admit our own ignorance again, but it happens, and the first number you punch into your mobile phone is a towing company to admit the comprehensible lapse of common sense. Of course, without another soul around, you might also be in the unfortunate situation of getting a battery with no more energy to help you jumpstart back into the running order.Learn more about us at San Francisco Towing Service Association

And then there’s the other kind of car towing that we have to witness on a regular basis: towing away the parking violation. This is definitely no joking matter, but as a motorist (in this case, parked motorist) it is also vital for you to know that there are laws and regulations that any towing company must comply with before they hook up to your car and drive off to the nearest impound lot. These rules are up to you to be careful of, and are often ignored at the detriment of motorists, as businesses believe that car owners would be too stupid to recognise their rights. Firstly, a vehicle will usually not be towed by a vehicle towing company [http:/] due to a parking violation unless noted by the proper authorities, and a significant amount of time has passed (usually in the region of an hour) to allow the owner the opportunity to claim his car. Second, if you race out to see a truck raising your car up to tow away in the process, you have the right to order him to lower it back down, and once you have done so, it is against the law for him to impound it. In what is likely to be an expensive and frustrating enough situation as it is, only learning this much will save you money and stress. Know your rights and be prepared, and it won’t be as bad as your experiences with the towing companies could be.

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