Room Escape Online Games Review

Gambling is the most common means of combating boredom nowadays. And one of the easiest ways to do so is to play board games. With the large range of smartphones on the market, these game apps will amuse and calm everyone. What makes puzzle games the best? Boys and girls , men and women of any generation, will appreciate it. The collection is made up of free and premium smartphone games released on both iOS and Android. Here’s a rundown of the smartphone puzzle games and casual games that must be played.

  1. Hello Kitty: The theatre of dreams

Hello Kitty: Dream Theater is among the most current on the chart. It features a piece matching free puzzle game where you play as the stage master and build a magical show based on the most adorable fairy tales, each round introducing Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters as paper dolls portraying various roles from the fairy tales. You will meet with your mates, and play for them. This is a free ios game that is also eligible for purchase in stores. Like all the casual smartphone games from Hello Kitty and puzzles from Hello Kitty out there, this Hello Kitty puzzle game is a must-try, full of fun rolled into one.Visit us for great deals in escape room games near me Boise.

Hello Kitty: The Theater of Illusion is now available for pre-registration. More fun incentives will be offered for further sign-ups, including item power ups, audition passes, and coins. Share the news with colleagues, and earn further prizes. Pre-register today to get an exclusive gift and win one of the best characters in Sanrio-Kuromi!

  1. Breaks at Sailormoon

Sailormoon Drops is a three match puzzle game that was published earlier this year. The game features gems used in each puzzle to create three or more contacts, the Sailor Guardians with their own special powers, the Sailor Guardians’ adorable poses, lovely wallpapers revealed in each chapter and objects obtained. The game provides a user-friendly gui and is accessible quickly. The game is easy, although you can choose to buy gems. If you’re a fan of Sailormoon and a puzzle enthusiast, this game would certainly beat your puzzle game and a perfect way to spend your spare time.

  1. Memorial Valley

Monument Valley is one of those games that you have to enjoy. The game involves a princess making her way around the labyrinths, temples, visions and using the structures around her discovering the universe around her and helping her avoid the masses. What makes this one of the greatest playing games is its streamlined 3D style. However, before you can enjoy it, the game is priced at $3.99, and another $1.99 for its extension. This easy but beautiful game is worth your time and effort if you want to see geometry incorporated into a video.

  1. The Chamber Set

The Room was very successful with three series released under its name, The Space, The Space Two and The Room Three are sure to be included on the chart. The game includes seeking the Null keys, solving the craftsman’s created puzzles, discovering new rooms and unravelling mysteries. The Room Collection ranges from $0.99 to $3.99. The Room Series is linked to every novel, every one that will amaze you and want more tales. The spectacular 3D game design and music would certainly leave you shocked and completely pleased. To appreciate the fun sound effects the game offers, make sure to play with your headphones on.

  1. Yummy Garbage

Yummy Gummy is another match-three game in which sweets are linked to finish a series. To make it to the next stage you would need to fulfil the criteria of a certain class. What you’re going to love in this game is the vibrant visuals and the sweet gummies you’ll see rolling at every turn. You see the gummies spinning, floating or jumping, don’t it just look cute? This game is delivered free of charge and is also included in smartphone sales. It is a game that is completely addictive and would allow you to complete all the levels at once. It’s not the typical match-three puzzle game, and you’d not want to lose it.

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