Reasons for Customer Service Debacle

Perhaps when a customer recorded a call to the customer service centre of the company, you learned about the big cable and internet provider that made ‘headline’ news last year. Learn more onĀ replatforming Romanian site.

The client had actually called to cancel his service, but first, he insisted on asking him some questions from the representative he talked to. As the business provided the best services and the best price, the agent asked why the client decided to disconnect.

Basically, the agent refused to consider the fact that the customer actually wanted his service to be disconnected. He got the idea to record the call with his iPhone after the customer listened for several minutes. The agent went on and on, in particular, for more than 15 minutes. In the end, the consumer shared the catastrophic call on social media and the incident went viral.

I’m not here to bash a particular business now; rather, I’m citing the incident as an opportunity to learn. A debacle of customer service like this could happen to any company. In a phone call or a face-to – face encounter, it might happen. So, let ‘s look at what we can learn from this tragic incident and how to keep our customer service from having a similar problem.

I can think of three major issues that can lead to poor customer service of this type:

No. 1-It is not well established customer support. I also address in my books, articles and videos the need for everyone in an organisation to be in alignment. And to do so, when it comes to customer service, the organisation must have specific priorities and targets. It’s not enough to just tell your workers to be good-you have to describe your own customer service brand and put it in plain terms that can be understood by all. For instance, one of my favourites, Ace Hardware, promises to be the most helpful hardware store on the planet. Employees are capable of delivering helpful service because they know that the purpose is.

No. 2-Workers do not undergo instruction. It amazes me when businesses without the required training place their workers in customer-facing roles. Some businesses are baulking at spending money on preparation for customer service, but without it, there is a much greater chance of losing customers because of workers who do not offer good service. Until their workers are allowed to work directly with the customer, some of my client organisations need weeks of preparation. I ‘m guessing from the result that that was not the case with the call centre manager of the cable provider.

No. 3-Earnings take priority over customer care. Between making money and having a good experience, there must be a compromise. Eventually, bad customer service would drive consumers away, effectively bringing down profits. Another business that is more customer friendly will soon be looked for by consumers who have to contend with troublesome service problems such as rudeness, pushiness or incompetence. The cable provider is likely to have created an opportunity for workers who were willing to maintain faulty customers. But clearly, it is also important to teach the workers that there is a point for graciously letting the customer go. Treat the client, even though he or she decides not to do business with you, with integrity and respect. Finish strongly!

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