Questions To Ask When Placing Cupcakes Order- Summary

Why is it so important to think of names for cupcake businesses? Because there is such explosive growth in this business that names are becoming harder and harder to dream up. The cupcake biz is much more than a fad it is a growing and stable segment of our economy. The organization known as the Retail Bakers of America projects that the cupcake business will grow a whopping 20% over the next four years! If you are looking for work or looking for a business idea then look no further than cupcakes! Visit

Business Names Should Be Unique.
I did a little searching online and found some names of cupcake companies that were creative and some just functional. Here are a few… Crazy Cupcakes, Tea Cup Cakes, Cupcake Box, Natalie’s Sweets, Magnolia Cupcake, Cup Cake Stand, My Little Cupcake (I like that one!), Hello Cupcake, Stanley Cupcake (for hockey towns), Tea Cup Cakes, Baby Cakes, Cup Cake Girls and Sprinkles. Some of those names reflect the owner’s interests and personality. Some of the names reflect geography or some cute cliche. Take plenty of time deciding what your cupcake business is going to be called, remember, it will hopefully be part of your domain name on your website as well.

Why This Business Is An Attractive Business Venture.
Cupcakes are a lot like candy in that even during down economic times people want to have some indulgence. Cupcakes represent a low cost luxuriant moment of enjoyment. They definitely fall into the category we would refer to as “comfort” food. So as the economy continues to teeter on the brink of collapse and recovery people will still purchase ice cream, chocolate and yes… cupcakes! Another reason that the cupcake business is an attractive option is that the entry cost is not too staggering. With so many empty storefronts in our cities it will not be too difficult to secure a building and the next expense would be the actual baking equipment. If you really want to get your business off to a good start on a shoe string budget you can begin baking cakes in your home and sell them online or through newspaper ads.

Do Your Research, Think Of A Name And Dive In!
One thing is for certain, if you don’t make an effort in starting a cupcake business you’ll never know if you would have been successful or not. A 20% growth rate over the next five years means there is room in this field for your very own cupcake business.

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