Naturopathic Medicine Programs – Overview

Naturopathic medicine programmes teaching the healing force of nature give potential candidates a specific educational journey towards holistic healing and natural health modalities. In addition to learning how to treat the “whole person,” future naturopaths are beginning to understand the broad notion of self-healing and methods of preventive medicine leading to health and well-being. original site
Botanical medicine, clinical nutrition (i.e., herbs, minerals , vitamins, and diet), homoeopathy, mind-body-spirit medicine (i.e., holistic psychology, biofeedback, stress control methods, hypnotherapy, Neuro linguistic programming ( NLP), minor surgery, naturopathic history / approaches, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), therapy are popular courses in naturopathic medicine programmes.
Naturopathic medicine programmes usually take approximately four years to complete, but the patient requires tremendous commitment. In addition to the above studies , students enrolled in these programmes in naturopathic medicine receive education and training in naturopathy theory, philosophy and therapy; anatomy, physiology, genetics, microbiology, colonics, natural childbirth, pharmacology, pathology, immunology, Tai Chi, Qigong, herbal / plant medicine, and much more.
It is imperative that you review all licencing regulations before you participate in any of the naturopathic medicine programmes (in the US or Canada), as the scope of naturopathic practise is specified by the rules and educational standards set out by individual states and provinces.

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