Marijuana Dispensary Explained

A marijuana dispensary, marijuana joint, or marijuana cooperative is basically a place where marijuana is dispensed for either medicinal or recreational purposes. In the United States these are generally known as cannabis clubs. Cannasseur Pueblo West is one of the authority sites on this topic.In some jurisdictions these are known as cannabis cafes. In other jurisdictions these may be known as pot shops, marijuana shops, or marijuana retailers. In some jurisdictions there is also a distinction between pot shops and cannabis stores. However, the most common distinction between pot shops and cannabis stores is that marijuana stores are more like pharmacies and have a separate entrance from the public.

Marijuana dispensaries in some jurisdictions have been known to go beyond their designated areas to include neighborhoods, schools, and parks. One of the most famous cases is in Denver Colorado where the city council had made it illegal to open a pot shop in one of the busiest areas of the city. However, the city council changed their policy, when a group of concerned citizens took matters into their own hands and decided to start a pot shop within a park within the city. Although the city made it illegal to operate a marijuana store in the park, they later allowed it to stay open for two months without any charges.

Although there is a great deal of controversy regarding the legality of marijuana, there are various legal and/or health implications associated with its use that has led to the establishment of several legal marijuana dispensaries across the country. Marijuana is well recognized as a dangerous drug and is considered by many to be a gateway drug into harder drugs. It has also been proven that its use has become increasingly widespread over the last twenty years. Although the majority of marijuana users do not become addicted to the drug, it has been demonstrated that the increased use of marijuana can lead to serious health problems that can result in death.

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