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With tales of pirates, the discovery of 3 buried treasure chests and perhaps the impetus for Robert Louis Stevenson’s, Treasure Island, legend plays a major part of Norman Island’s history. She is one of the southern islands of the BVI chain when you go on a Catamaran Ship, Norman Island lies along the international boundary line dividing the BVI from the USVI. Situated just 7 miles south of Tortola, for those on a catamaran charter it’s a typical first day quick sail. Norman Island is just 2 1/2 miles long, with a central ridge rising 427′ above sea level up to Norman Hill. Nobody lives here except for a couple of goats foraging on the steep slopes. And yet Norman Island offers a gem of unspoiled beauty in its rugged shoreline and many protected bays, as well as a unforgettable underwater world in its caves and offshore reefs, for those looking for an adventure feeling. Set sail on your charter catamaran and come discover Norman Island’s treasure. Do you want to learn more? Click Maui Snorkel Charters.

The Hug

The Bight is one of the most common anchorages in the BVI, and one of the region’s most spacious. The topographical sense of the term, “bight” is an indentation so large on a coast that it can be sailed in any wind out of one tack. While the wind tends to funnel down the hills and give the illusion that the weather is heavier than it is, the Bight is a well-protected, sheltered anchorage. A lot of mooring buoys are in order to be picked up for the night. It’s time to explore with your dinghy, once you’re settled in.

Many people on a catamaran charter end up for snorkelling at Treasure Point, and the Caves at the Bight ‘s lower tip. On the line strung between two tiny round floats you may tie your dinghy. Lending to the legend of buried treasure, the Caves (which drop to 40′ close to their entrance) are just 4’ deep. The range of tropical fish, brightly coloured coral and sponge encrusted walls, usually explored by snorkelling, make this a fascinating place to visit.

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