Fort Collins Water Heater Installation – What You Need To Do First

When considering who will do your home water heater installation, here’s what you should know first. It may seem like such a simple swap: Just turn the gas back on, drain out the old one, unhook things on the existing heater, dump the entire thing into the trash, then hook up the replacement heater in place of the original. However, you have to know a few more steps in order to avoid problems later on. Fort Collins Water Heater Pros – Fort Collins water heater installation is one of the authority sites on this topic.

The first step you have to take is to drain the old tank. This is not as hard as it sounds since you can just use a plunger. On the other hand, if you have the old unit on its own unit, you have to be very careful to not lose any lines or fittings. Otherwise, you might have a hard time getting the replacement pump on its way to your house, and you may end up with a damaged gas line.

Once you drain out the old unit, take a look at the heat exchanger to make sure there are no cracks anywhere. These are the weak spots that can easily cause leaks, so it’s important to ensure they’re all in good condition before you do any water heater installation.

Now that you’ve got the hot water running again, you can now take a closer look at the gas line. The gas line has to be attached to the main gas tank by a valve or a device known as a thermostat. You’ll need this tool to switch the gas off if there are problems with the gas, or turn it on when the furnace is heating up your house. It’s a very handy device, so make sure you keep it near to you at all times if you think you might run into problems with it.

After you’ve fixed the gas line, you can take a look at the rest of the unit to make sure there aren’t any holes or broken connections anywhere. You need everything to be perfectly aligned and properly connected. Some units only come with a manual starter, while others come with a gas starter switch that is pre-set to work the moment the unit is switched on. If yours does, make sure you check that the switch works properly.

Once everything is in place, you’re ready to start installing your heater: Follow the basic steps of installing a regular water heater. Just make sure to test everything when you’re done with it, so that you don’t damage anything while doing the installation.

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