Details on regular maintenance for an air conditioner

Any minor issues which could strike you every year

If your A / C has a issue with refrigerant leakage you need to replenish it very frequently. Ideally a decent A / C should never have problems overfilling. But then, nothing is ‘ideal’ in this universe. Then what place does an A / C stand?

Some of the most important “stars” when it comes to keeping your home warm, are the components of your heating and air systems. After all, it’s difficult to keep the temperature at your home comfortable without them. But these systems won’t be successful without proper maintenance. Here are a few simple home maintenance tests that any homeowner can do-no matter how handy you are with a toolbox! Have a look at to get more info on this.

Tips on heating system maintenance

If the outside temperatures are low you want to enter a warm toasty home. Make sure you do the following to ensure your home heating system performs at its best:

  • The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that you change filters and clean up blocked burner ports on a regular basis or as instructed by the manufacturer as it will ensure a more reliable and successful system operation.
  • You can have your furnace tested by a trained technician at least once a year.
  • If you smell gas especially in or near your home, close to the furnace, get out of your home immediately and be sure to leave the door open. When outside, call the service or fire department. Of particular importance-do not use the phone inside your house or turn on or off any light switches, as this can emit sparks and cause a fire!
  • If your heater does not seem to be sufficiently charged, check the master switch and the circuit breaker or the fuse. This is also attributable to an electrical device which is overloaded. You could have a defective thermostat and may need to repair it if you do not find a tripped circuit or broken fuse.
  • In the case of inadequate heat, check that the thermostat is adjusted correctly-you will need to change the temperature by 5o; check that the registers are open; check the filter if it is dirty to fix it.

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