Bed Bug Information and Treatment Solutions

Bed bugs are back and are rapidly common in homes across America, with new cases over the last few years having risen by 500 percent. Via the suitcases and clothes of travellers abroad, these blood sucking parasites, which grow up to 1⁄4 ‘in length and feed on warm blooded animals, have made their way to the U.S. Even if you don’t fly overseas, you can still bring one home after being in touch with someone who has stayed in a hotel, cruise ship or shelter infested with bed bugs. Having gone from a bedtime rhyme to a bedtime rhyme.Learn more about us at Bed Bug Inspection near me

Bed bugs are nesting parasites in that they feed on their host before returning to their hiding place for five to ten minutes at a time. They can be recognised from top to bottom by their round body and flat profile. Before and after feeding, their colour varies from a brown colour to a dark red or even orange colour. Some fascinating things to remember are that they can drink three times theii

When the host is in their deepest sleep, most attacks occur just before dawn. Carbon dioxide given off when breathing leads them to the host where they begin to feast. An anaesthetic is first administered so that you never know they are there and an anti-coagulant is used to keep the blood circulating until it is over. Most serious infestations will invade the host cumula in a single bedroom.

Bites appear like a tiny red lump, a flat world or a skin lesion. With their bites, skin rashes are also normal. There is little reason to assume that viruses are spread by bed bugs based on the latest studies, but their hunger for blood will leave you scratching and itching. Their faeces may also cause problems for people with allergies and asthma.

By purchasing a Premium Mattress Encasement, a Box Spring Encasement and Zippered Pillow Protectors, the safest way to protect you and your mattress from being an perfect breeding site and host is. This ensures that your investment is safe from these parasites sucking blood. If your bedroom is ever infested, do not remove the mattress encasement as it will allow them to enter and nest.

There is a non-chemical cure available if your mattress is already infested. Simply add a Luna Premium Mattress Encasement and a Box Spring Encasement to the infested mattress set. This fully seals off the mattress and box spring, preventing them from entering or leaving. The bed bugs in your mattress set will ultimately die without a blood supply. After a healthy period of time, you can r

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