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Items-A reliable way to distinguish quality work is by the types of materials a contractor uses. Generally speaking, if you want to get the most out of your lighting scheme, the traditional big box stores don’t sell the standard of fixtures you’d want to buy. To see what they sell, go to the nearest hardware store and then ask to see a preview of what the lighting designer is proposing to add. Just by keeping the fixture, you’ll know right away how it compares. I’ve seen countless projects in which high quality fixtures and a professional grade transformer were used by someone who built it, but the results were either OK or worse. What I’ve never seen is anyone who used a regular 12v transformer and cheap fixtures, but the results were fantastic. You should avoid the use of these inferior items by installers for the best performance. Most lighting designers would have their own option of fixture that they use most of the time, but on all their designs, you should also be weary of someone who only uses the fixtures of one manufacturer. A professional lighting designer would be familiar with a wide range of on the market items and fixtures, all of which become instruments in their arsenal to create the ideal design. Just as a fisherman can have only a few favourite lures, he still has a lures-filled tackle box that he’s checked over the years and reaches out for on occasion.Learn more by visiting Custom outdoor lighting near me

Experience-There are many ways to acquire information, but not all of them are equivalent. I would suggest that a landscaper who has been installing lights for the last 8 years of his landscaping projects does not have 8 years of experience installing landscape lighting any more than you have 20 years of experience as an opera singer because you want to sing in the morning shower. Only asking how long a person has been installing landscape lighting will not measure their expertise, wondering how they have learned how to design landscape lighting systems. Most true professionals have either had a mentor who has helped train their eyes and develop their ability, or they would confess that they have learned by trial and error, working long hours to see their work at night, making changes, moving fixtures after they have been built, and trying new stuff. Moreover, the one thing that all accomplished professionals would have is photographs, lots of photographs.

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