All about Local chipped tooth repair

Even if you strictly follow the best oral hygiene practices, your teeth can still be damaged. One of the most common damages that can happen to your teeth is a chipped tooth. Good thing that cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry now have several ways by which to address this problem. Following is a guise on what your dentist can do for you in case your tooth gets chipped.You may find more information at local chipped tooth repair.

Treatment can vary depending on how bad the damage is, but one of the very first things that your dentist will do is to identify the cause of the chip, and take x-rays of your teeth. It is easier to repair the tooth if the x-rays show no signs of damage to its root and if you do not feel any pain as a result of the injury. Your dentist may even recommend no treatment in this case. However, in most cases, dentists treat minor chips with veneers to remove jagged edges and give the tooth a smooth and natural appearance.

If the damage is relatively large and if you feel pain in the chipped tooth then you may need a crown. This is a tooth cap that provides protection to your damaged tooth and also gives it a better appearance. Another way to treat bad chips is to fill it. The process is similar to that which is performed on teeth damaged by cavities, and the filling can be made to match the appearance of the teeth.

In case the x-ray results show damage to the root of the tooth, a repair may no longer be advisable. Your dentist may require extraction of the damaged tooth and its subsequent replacement. Similarly, if the chip happens to an existing crown, filling, or veneer then you should have it replaced. What is important is that you immediately see your dentist whenever you suffer from a chipped tooth, especially if you feel pain due to the damage. It would be best if you could get to your dentist within an hour of the accident and bring any part of the tooth that you can find.

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