Activated Carbon Mask Review

The Simple Enhancement of Origins Active charcoal mask.

My friend, Jean, has suffered almost every month from cycle break-outs. We went out to dinner one day & she looked so relaxed and very radiant. I wondered what happened and then she couldn’t stop talking about the Active charcoal mask Origins Strong Change. She said she used it once / twice a week for a few months and the result was great. I came home to do some research then & here’s what I found:

Product Description

Clear charcoal mask Roots Clear Improvement is a weekly facial care product intended to help clear pores of dirt , oil, make-up, and other particles that block these gaps in the skin that often contribute to breakouts and blemishes. Get more info about Pacific Coast Carbon LLC.

According to package ads, activated charcoal works like a magnet to remove deep pore-clogging impurities while white China Clay absorbs environmental contaminants to provide a deep-down cleaning of the skin. This very dense, but smooth and creamy facial mask is a rather dark grey colour, almost black, and not surprisingly, since this is one of the main ingredients, the distinct but not really unpleasant smell of charcoal. Pure plant family, very natural ingredients. It really appreciated it after having used it for a while. A number of residual pores can be used for only 10 minutes to adsorb, so that the pores stay free.

The Efficacy of Ingredients:

Activated carbon (Activated Charcoal) serves as a magnet to absorb pore oil , dirt and contaminants, simply clean pores, reduce external attacks on the skin and reduce the occurrence of acne.

Melilot infusions are intended to facilitate the circulation of skin blood, eliminate contaminants and cleanse dirt and ruddy skin.

Lecithin: moisturising the skin when cleansing, enhancing skin protective film and increasing skin self-protection.

Actually just 10 minutes away is cleaner, clearer and better looking skin. Used alone or in conjunction with other high-quality Origins skin care items, this face mask quickly cleans the skin of the impurities that sometimes cause unsightly breakouts to those of us with oily, acne-prone skin doing our best to stop.

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