When Is the Right to Replace Your Window Guidelines

Replacing your window screens really isn’t that tough, as long as you have the right tools and supplies. All you need is a spline tool, which helps push the rubber spline into the groove, holding your screen in the frame. You will also need a roll of screen, either aluminum or vinyl, and some rubber spline.Do you want to learn more? Visit When Is the Right to Replace Your Window? 

Pick up these simple supplies at your favorite home store after you measure your screen frame. That way, you’ll insure you buy the right width of screen material to fit your frame. as far as screening materials go, aluminum is a better looking product, while vinyl is a little more durable. You should make sure the color of the material (vinyl is darker) matches the rest of your screens.

To replace your screen, use a tiny screwdriver to lift the existing spline out of the groove holding your screen in the frame. Once you find a starting point, the spline should pull out all the way round, and the old screen should come along with it. Make certain you have all of the spline removed, and carefully clean out the groove before installing the new screen.

Now, measure and cut the replacement screen, using the old screen as a template. Lay the replacement screen across the frame, making certain that you have the same amount of overlap on all sides. Next, starting in a corner, use the splining tool to press a new piece of spline into the groove, pressing the new screen in with it at the same time. Work slowly and carefully to insure you keep the screen centered on the frame, and no buckling in the screen.

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