Types Of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting or landscape lighting refers to the installation of outdoor lighting for public gardens and private lawns; for the purpose of security, aesthetics, recreation, safety, accessibility, night sports and social events, and public and social uses. Outdoor lighting is generally installed to provide security to pedestrians and motorists and increase security for buildings and other enclosed structures. Have a look at Premier Outdoor Lighting of New Jersey, Moorestown for more info on this.

There are a number of different forms of outdoor lighting available. These include:

One of the most common types of exterior lighting is the type of post mounted lighting. Post mounted lighting consists of a post mounted light or string of lights connected to a central fixture by a series of wires or cables. It can be either fixed or portable depending on its placement. Most popular post mounting fixtures for outdoor lighting are the chain and rope lighting system which includes a single chain that runs down a post and back up, the rope lighting, which includes multiple ropes that run through the posts on the light.

Low voltage lighting, also known as solar-powered lighting, can be set up almost anywhere in the yard. Most low voltage lighting systems consist of small solar panels that charge during the day. These devices store the energy used in charging during the day and then when it’s dark, the solar panel is filled with an inexpensive battery which stores the energy.

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