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Training has its own well established rules, even in the case of general fitness. These rules refer to different aspects of performing the exercises: dosing (number of series), repeating, intensity, rhythm, etc., but it is not sufficient to consider all these aspects. It is very critical for the exercises to be done correctly.  her explanation  Gabriele Fitness & Performance
For a beginner who has read something about fitness or to whom someone described exactly how to do an exercise, it is not easy at all to do it impeccably from the first training sessions. He has the impression many times that he’s doing a movement correctly, even when he can see himself in a gym mirror. But only the experienced ‘eye’ of an instructor who has worked for beginners in many programmes can effectively correct him.
On the other side, the novice can have the impression that his way of performing the exercises is inaccurate. If this is not the case, he wants, again, the tutor, to convince him his success is right. It is dangerous for the fitness practitioner’s health and body state to self-educate from the first sessions. There are many positions, angles, programmes of the machines which could be unadvisable in different situations, determined by every person’s characteristics. Any examples of these features are: spinal deformation, old injuries, procedures, limitations of joint strength, etc.
A strong choice of drills, machines, motions, helping to avoid the chance of injuries, is another benefit of operating under the direction of an teacher.
Acting with beginners is not restricted to the position of the exercise teacher. In completing certain workouts, even the advanced could have the propensity to ‘cheat’ or to add very challenging exercises, needing better oversight. An skilled sportsman can still require a glance ‘from beyond’ from time to time, which could help him refine his technique.
The nature of the workout plans is another factor directly linked to the assistance of the personal teacher. While the impossibility of developing their own training plans is clear for beginners, the experienced could lose themselves from potential options in the forest, not recognising the timber for the woods. In the same case of the advanced, with support from the outside, the risks of routine can be removed even better.
The conservation of enthusiasm and participation in exercise is often one of the tasks faced by the workout coach. When dealing with sportsmen or with others who pursue exercise either for fun or to preserve their wellbeing, he needs to demonstrate tact, intelligence and even diplomacy.
The presence of a personal manager may have certain pitfalls. His appearance may be considered to be patronising, stressful, or unpleasant. Any cultural or social incompatibility between the coach and the practitioner may find it very challenging to interact with them, which is so crucial in this partnership.

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